Rejection, it happens.

So I’m late to post this week, it’s been a crazy week between record-setting snow storms where I live, family and job stuff…I just haven’t had time.

But as my life goes on so do the query letters I emailed out about two weeks ago. They’ve been marinating in literary agents mailboxes and are just now starting to be serviced. And that brings the inevitable…Rejection.

The first few I got were no big deal. I’m only 15 or 20 agents in so I’d just keep my nose to the grindstone and keep at it right?

Then I found her. My perfect agent. I won’t use her name as it’s not fair to her but oh man, we are a perfect match. At least I thought so…

I found her while checking out the twitter of another agent I was querying. Her tweets were hilarious, our sense of humor very similar, our political views aligned perfectly. I was pumped, I followed her, checked out her website, read her blogs and everything. Then I sent off the query and secretly hoped this was it. As other responses came in hers still was out there.

Until today.

Her email showed up in my inbox today and I was excited. My phone shows me the first few lines of text and this preview was positive. She used words like exciting and fascinating! With exclamation points!!

But alas, while personalized and initially positive, she ultimately passed. In my excitement, I’d apparently missed the part where she doesn’t rep YA Sci-Fi…Crushing. And embarrassing.

Buuuuut….I did get a personalized rejection that cited some general positives so there was that (I really trying to be positive here!)…Normally I just get form rejections.

So at the end of the day it didn’t work out. This series wasn’t right for her but maybe someday something I write will be. In any case, I’m sure there will be other lit agents I will drool over in the future. Gotta just plugging away!

Plus on of my writing buddies (who landed an agent) did a one over of my query letter so fingers crossed!

Rejection, it happens.


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