So It Begins…

so it begins

So this week I’m going to talk briefly about querying, a subject that sends many an author running in fear. Yes, querying sucks. Yes, writing query letters and synopses suck. But it’s the only way into the world of traditional publishing if that’s what you’re going for.

Full disclosure, I self published my first two books and toyed with the idea of self publishing my third. I still may, but I have decided to try querying again (I did it for book one but gave up after 100 rejections). There were lots of reasons why I decided to query this time around, but the biggest is that book 3 is the first book in a multi-book series. So, while I’m querying for book 3, I can be writing book 4 and still be working on roughly the same project. If book 3 had been a stand-alone, then I probably would have self published. We’ll see what happens but should I make it to 100 rejections like what happened with my first book, I’m not planning on stopping. The plan is to keep on querying and not self publishing until after book 4 is done and polished and I’m working on book 5. That way, if I do self publish, I can publish books 3 and 4 close together which will not only generate buzz, but also more money (in theory).

In regard to the query letters themselves, I am not an expert. How could I claim to be? I failed to get any interest with my first book so hopefully this one will be different. The biggest problem is I have no experience with these letters other than my own and I have no idea what agents are looking for other than what the internet tells me. I can’t afford to have someone look at my letter as I spent all my funds on editing so it’s really is up to me. I’m just going to have to hope that someone will take an interest and then once again I’ll be into uncharted territory (but in a good way).

As of today, I’ve sent out about 15 or so letters and gotten 2 rejections. So the others should be rolling in within the next month or two. We’ll see, hopefully there will be good news eventually! The best advice I can give is to focus on writing and let the querying be second, I can’t make agents like it and I’m confident that someone, someday will take an interest!


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