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So I think I missed my weekly scheduled blog last week. As I seem to mention in every blog post, I’ve been busy writing, working and life-ing. This week’s excuse is due mostly to the writing aspect taking up my time, which frankly is a good thing. Over the last two weeks, while I’ve not been blogging, I’m been making solid progress on my next book!

This week I finally, after many months, finished my last self-edit which is huge. After adding in my editor and beta reader’s edits, I went through it again to make sure it still made sense. I have some more notes that have rolled in over that time that I’ll go back and polish into it, but for the most part, book 3 is done. Like 90%.

The other writing I’ve been doing is the thing I have been dreading/putting off for as long as possible. This was writing a 2-page or less synopsis. Ugh. I’m still not 100% done with it but it’s close. For those not in-the-know, a synopsis is a 2 page or less summary of your entire book. All the twists and turns, everything. Ending included. Your awesome, emotional, engaging, detail-filled book is stripped away to a bland 2-page retelling of the ENTIRE plot. It sounds like it sucks and it also actually sucks as well. Don’t even get me started on 50 word max “elevator pitches”… *puke*

Why would I subject myself to this heinous form of torture? Well, because right now I’m querying agents and I’d say at least 1/3 or more request a synopsis in addition to query letters and first so-many pages or chapters. I have been putting off the queries to the agents who want synopsises because synopsises suck and I didn’t want to write it. But…I have finally relented. I just got it over with so I have it and I don’t have to think about it ever again. It sucked. Have I mentioned that yet?

BUT the good new is I can now query all those other agents that I couldn’t query before and get my book in front of that many more sets of eyes. Self-publishing is still lingering in the background, I haven’t forgotten about you, but querying is my new focus for now.

PS – I’ll TRY and be better about making this weekly again


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