Control, You Must Learn Control.


Ah, Yoda. Sage advice as always.

So today, or in the past week or so, I have come to a decision. I’d been wrestling with the will-I or won’t-I when it comes to traditionally publishing my next book/series or self-publishing it/them (whatever I do for the first one I’m kinda locked in for all the rest). After sending out a bunch of query letters and doing more research on the process, reading and taking in lots of advice from lots of different places, I have decided to NOT traditionally publish my next series but to self-publish instead.

The two main reasons for this are that 1] I’m a control freak and I want to do everything and have the final say on everything. As much as this can suck going at it alone, at the end of the day it is my effort that will make or break these books. It’ll be all me: all the blame or all the reward. For better for for worse, I kinda like that. So [2 I like working at my own pace. That is to say, sometimes a nonexistent pace. I get that to be successful, to be a big-wig author who can support his family on the revenue from his books alone, you have to ABC or ABP (Always Be Producing) in this case. That’s just not me. The thought that what my mind vomits onto the page and people subsequently buy and supports my lifestyle is undeniably an appealing one, but that’s not the reality.

My reality is this is a fun way for me to be a kid again. To use my imagination to put on the page the silly things I have floating around in there. And if I can make a few bucks off of that, to pay for some pizza or the cover art/editing for the next book (or SWTOR membership dues…) then that’s all the better. I will likely never be a Stephen King or a Chuck Wendig, but I can still count myself in their company as an author (not a peer but maybe a peer-adjacent?). I like that.

So next steps will involve finding a cover artist and interior design artist for the next book. More details and previews to come on those in the weeks to follow (maybe?). We’ll see what I have time for as I may possibly be switching jobs and that will significantly cut into free time, at least initially. More to follow on all that stuff!


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