Good News Everyone!

So yesterday was a really good day!  I hadn’t checked my Amazon account in a few days, but someone bought another book!  Not huge, but that’s another $4 in my pocket so a win’s a win.  Hopefully they’ll do a review?  Anyway, that is not the biggest news…

So a while back, I had posted about how I was submitting an article I wrote in an effort to off-set some of the costs of self-publishing.  Well I got word yesterday that someone wants to publish it!  Nothing is official so I won’t write about which magazine it is, but I can say it’s one of the big Law Enforcement magazines.  I still have to come up with about 4-6 applicable pictures before it’s officially going to be published, but this is huge!

I won’t cut-and-paste the whole email, but he said my article was “well-written” and that what I wrote was “better than some of what I have in the queue, so I can virtually guarantee publication.”  Super excited, updates to follow!

And the journey continues…


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