Why I Suck As A Salesman

Obligatory Tommy Boy Video

So for this weeks blog entry, I will be speaking about one of the major downsides of going the self publishing route: the sales. If you decide to go with a self publishing option, it’s all on you baby. You are it. You are the publisher and the marketer. Its up to you to get you and your book out there. If you don’t push it, it just sits there because it’s not selling it’s self.

Now, I have been slightly lucky and that even in months when I do no marketing and basically ignore my books, I still earn a little money. By a little I mean $10 a month or so. This is probably nothing and/or laughable to many people, but $10 for not doing anything with my glorified hobby isn’t that bad. It’s a free lunch and hey, I like free stuff!

But you compare that to the months where I promote things, and I’m taking it $40-$50 bucks a month at least. That’s not something to discount. That’s (does math on phone…) $600 a year minimum if you’re consistent. That’s more than enough to cover the cost of cover art and book formatting (if you use services like Fiverr, which frankly, are pretty good).

But therein lies the problem. I am not consistent with my marketing. I actually suck at it. I approached $600 last year, but I didn’t get there. Why’s that? Because I suck mostly. Specifically, I’m kinda lazy when it comes to stuff that is non-writing (editing, promoting, writing blog entries). I have to kick myself to do these things despite the fact that I know if I get out there and promote, I will have a larger sum in my bank account.

In addition to the lacking motivation, I am also an introvert. Granted lots of writers are so no huge surprise there, but it’s something I have to deal with and this is my blog so there. It’s a big issue. Kinda not really interested in promoting my book in person. Sitting at a table and talking to people/selling books sounds great in theory but is nervous-sweat-inducing in practice. It’s a hurdle. A big one and I have to figure out a way to unceremoniously hurl myself over it. So lets just list that as a work in progress…

So in summary, if you are choosing to self publish, know that you are choosing to self promote as well. Make sure that is truely something you are willing to put in time and effort to do. It may suck and be uncomfortable yet it can also to some degree be fun (maybe?). Just be ready for it. See ya next week!


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