Fork in the Road

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both.” -Frost

Today I stand a kind of crossroads for what I’m going to do next. All things considered, I find myself in a pretty good place. I have finished writing my third book and I’m on my last round of editing in the thoughts and ideas of my beta readers (thanks beta readers!!) as well as my own self-edits. Once this round is done, the book is done. I’m calling it. Fineto! Now comes the aforementioned fork.

My first two books (available here!) were both self published. Both have done okay, in that total sales for both have brought in more money then it took to publish, design, edit etc etc the first two plus this third one. So in that respect I’m very lucky for this for-now hobby to have paid for itself. Have I become a best-selling author? Well of course not. Have I cracked the top 100 on any of the Amazon charts? Nope, not in the main-stream, general categories. But that stuff isn’t hugely important to me. Important, but not hugely important. To be making any money from ideas in my head I translated via a keyboard to a word document that I published, that is the really cool part. I like that part. If I could also have paper-version books in stores too? That would be so freakin’ cool. That hasn’t happened though and probably won’t as local book stores won’t stock books via Createspace (and I can hardly blame them).

So here’s the dilemma: Do I self-publish again because that is what I know, it’s worked out well for me and I’m happy with the reception my first two book have gotten. Or…Do I attempt the querying process and try and get book 3 traditionally published? Book 3 is the first in a six or seven book series I have mapped out and to get #1 published would bode well for 2-7 right? Maybe? Well, I don’t really know…

All my beta readers, who were given instructions to be as nit-picky as possible and as negative as they wanted to be, all had largely positive things to say about my book. Very positive, ego-boosting things. These things make me think that if I were to get my books into the hands of agents and publishers, they’d like it a lot. In other words I’m having delusions of grandeur as Han-old-buddy once said. Worst of all, I have friends in both camps and so their opinions are not helping.

Way back when I finished book 1, I queryed it to 100 agents before giving up and going the self publishing route. I want to get my book out there for people to enjoy now because I think people will enjoy it, but am I hamstringing myself by just doing self publishing again? I like the control but the possibility of hitting it big with traditional publishing…Gah. I just don’t know what to do.

Welp, back to editing and maybe by the time I finish, I’ve have some clarity as to what I should do. Feel free to comment if you think you know what I should do. Thanks!

Also in other news, Tom Brady is the GOAT and my Patriots are again Super Bowl Champions in one of the most ulcer-inducing, sheer joy producing football games ever in the history of sports. Job Done.



2 thoughts on “Fork in the Road

  1. A lot of indie authors who sell many, many more books than I do advise to release three books in a series in consecutive months in order to build momentum. Maybe your best bet is to continue writing the next couple of books in the series while sending out query letters. If none of the agents/publishers are interested, you’d then be prepared to make a bigger splash when you self publish the start of the series.

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