How Do You “Do Both?”

I got an email from Nick Stephenson who’s blog (mailer?) I get weekly or sometimes more frequently and the most recent topic was how do you do both: writing and life. (By the way, I haven’t paid for Nick’s services nor do I plan on doing it, but he does have some good tips in the free stuff, worth a shot at least…) Working full time, having two kids and working on my third novel, many people ask me this when I tell them I’m a writer-on-the-side. Where do you find the time? How do you have time to write? Or even: You must be really committed to be able to get that done!

Well first of all, yes I will take all the compliments I can get. I love compliments even if they’re misplaced. But who am I to judge, I’ll takes it where I can gets it. The truth is, if I was truly focused on pumping out writing, getting shit done every day, I’d have way more than three books done (well done-ish). What’s the secret? Well Nick says, and I agree because I do it, that you don’t have to be a hard-core writer-monkey all day every day, 24-7/365. I’ve been able to accomplish much with just 30-60 minutes a day (more on Thursday nights but that’s because I got permission from my wife who I love dearly in case she’s reading this). My kids go to bed around 7pm and after the house/kitchen/clothes cleaning that typically happens is done, I can very easily slip away for a quick half hour to hour of writing (especially while my lovely wife watches This is Us…Good lord that show is gawdawful). It’s really that simple. I’ll talk about outlines some other time which makes this way easier, but that is essentially it. How do you do it? By chipping away at it. A half hour at a time. Daily or as close to that as you can. Maybe easier said than done, but there you have it. My secret has been revealed!

On an unrelated note, if you don’t at least read Chuck Wendig’s Twitter, you should definitely be getting his blog helpfully emailed to you whenever he writes a new entry. Our President is coming for your shit. It’s time to #resist and all that, the warning klaxons are going full blast. This is not a drill. Read his latest entry here. March, protest, speak up, defend your positions. These are dark times.

Happy writing everyone!


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