A Return To Form…I Hope

Today marks a turning point for me. I have decided to make a conscious effort to do this whole blog thing. Over the last couple years I have done it in fits and starts, but I’ve never been able to get something rolling. Well I have decided to change this. Today. Starting right now.

Ok some background. Being an indie author, it’s essentially your job to troll the internet (no not be an internet troll) and look for/read advice on how you can do your “job” better. I say “job” because it’s hardly that, it’s more like a hobby like my wife and the IRS like to remind me every year. In reality, I’ve barely cracked half a grand in the couple years that I’ve been writing. Sure, I’m now in the black, I’ve earned more money than I’ve spent doing it, but not by much and certainly not enough to support my family or to quit my job (which pays well, I usually enjoy and provides health benefits).

This brings me to my reasoning. Doing what indie authors do best, I have been told over and over, from many different places that all indie authors need to have a blog. Yes you can be active on Twitter, on Facebook (I don’t really use Facebook), Instagram, Snapface…But in the end, you need a blog. It’s the best way to connect with fans/readers and the more people you connect with, the more people who are reading your shit, the better your sales will be. It’s like a 1+1=2 type of thing. I can attest that this exact thing happened with one of my favorite authors, Chuck Wendig, as I’ve read several of his books after following him on Twitter for some time.

So that being said, I suck at this. I’m sure just like writing a book, this will get easier over time, but right now, these first few ones might be a little rocky. Until I find a groove, find my blog-voice or whatever, I may struggle to do a post once a week like I’m planning. I hope they’ll all be interesting, I hope they’ll all be funny, but will they all be? …Maybe? I sure hope so. I’ll try hard. I promise.

Ok that was most likely a lie but I will do it. There is no try, right? Right Yoda? Well just to be safe I put some pretty annoying alerts in my phone so maybe that’ll help. I also apologize in advance if I complain a lot on here. Just look at what’s happening in this dumpster fire of a country right now. It’ll probably get political. If you follow my Twitter, (which you should right here!) then you know that already has. I can’t help it. The guy running the White House is an illiterate asshole…

Anyway…This is post #1 of new-me. C U Next Tuesday (lol). Maybe sooner if shit get real and I feel like posting it. What? It could happen…


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