Two New Things & An Old

Today was a big day in my writing career, or at least had the potential of being a big thing.  Today was the day of my first book event! This is my first new thing.

Thanks to the generosity of the South Burlington, Vermont Community Library, I was provided a space in the library to set up shop and talk to people about my books and even sell a few copies.  The library advertised this event on their website and in posters as well as my own promotion on my social medias.  I won’t get into the numbers of people who showed or books sold because that’s not the point of this post. Rather, I took my first steps into a larger world.  Sitting in my basement and typing something and publishing it on Amazon is one thing, but getting out there into the world, meeting people and promoting my books is quite another. It was definitely an experience…Gotta start somewhere!

So the next new thing is more personal, I’m getting a new car! Well, new to me at least. I traded in my old “unkillable beast” as I liked to call it, my 2005 Ford Focus. It has been replaced with a 2010 Toyota Matrix. It’s All Wheel Drive for the winter months and has power windows among other “luxury” items I didn’t have in my base model beast.  This new car will hopefully last me for many years!


That brings us to the old. I went and saw Star Wars today for a third time.  Let me tell you, this movie doesn’t get old and I feel like I could watch it another several hundred times (which I probably will once I buy it.) Maybe I’ll see it once more before it comes out on DVD, we’ll see…


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