Article Published!

So I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because there hasn’t been much to post about.  I’ve been super busy outside my little writing world but inside of it, I’ve been outlining, editing and re-outlining my next novel series, I’ve been writing some science fiction short stories for a new project I’m working on with some friends, and I’ve been writing police-related articles for money (in theory) as that is my day job and why not get paid to write about it?

So it’s that last thing that has come to fruition first.  The first article I wrote has been published in Law & Order Magazine, the October 2015 issue which is kinda-sorta up on their site right now.  It can be found here.

This is an exciting step for me to get my writing out there in ways other than book/fiction writing.  Please read, share and enjoy!


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