Homecoming Cover Art!

Big announcement time!  The cover art for my second book, Homecoming is now complete!  The art was once again done by the great Fiona Jayde and I’m so happy that I got to work with her again.  Keeping the same theme and feel for both covers was what I really wanted and she delivered!  Break Away was about just that, breaking away and escaping from the death and destruction that was pursuing Rose which is why it had the reds and yellows and oranges.  That cover represented death, doom, panic…she was struggling to survive.

Now with Homecoming, Rose’s journey has taken a different turn.  It takes place two years after Break Away and Rose has finally found her feet in this new world she’s surviving in.  Unlike Break Away, Homecoming is about coming back to the things we thought she’s lost and finding a place that is safe, or at least safer now that all these threats are looming out there.  I thought the blues and greens in Homecoming cover really portrayed that.

As for the release of the book, I am hoping to have it out there by the end of the summer.  My beta readers are working through it now and once I get all their suggestions and edits, I’ll have a better idea.

And the journey continues…

Homecoming by Jeff Favreau

Homecoming by Jeff Favreau


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