Article Submitted!

As mentioned before, I have been working on an article to submit to Law Enforcement magazines to off-set the cost of publishing my first book.  Well this morning, I sent it out!  The article is titled “Three Ways to Improve Millennial Recruitment”, a subject I think I know something about being a Millennial so we’ll see if anyone likes it.  I am submitting to one magazine at a time as they frown upon multiple submissions to multiple magazines.  Plus, if by some miracle more then one magazine wanted to publish it, I would have to pull it from others and that wouldn’t be great so, one at a time it is.  Review time is up to a couple months per magazine so we’ll see.

In other news, I am about 1/3 through my next book, about 25K works.  I already know that I have left some things out and some scenes are bare-bones as far as details so I will need to go back and beef those up with more descriptions and dialogue.  For now though, I keep chugging along and get the story out of my head and onto the paper (computer).  If I finish my first draft around 60-75K words, I’ll be happy.

And the journey continues…


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