Book Updates

So Break Away has been on Amazon for about a month.  I’ve gotten some good reviews both on Amazon and Goodreads which is great!  Everyone seems to be enjoying the story and pacing so I’m really grateful for that, the more I put it out there, the more that people will read (and hopefully review!!) it.  I did a free promotion over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend and over 150 copies were picked up.  I hope those people enjoy it!  I have been asked why I would give away my book for free and the answer is simple.  No one knows who the hell I am.  Break Away is my first novel so I am completely unknown.  The more eyeballs I can get my book and my name in front of, the better future books will sell (in theory).  It would be nice if any of the 150+ people left a review on Amazon, but beggars can’t be choosers!  I haven’t been thrilled with Kindle Select (exclusive 90 days with Amazon).  The higher royalty rate is nice, but that is about the only advantage.  If I can sell on multiple platforms and reach a lot more people, it seems like it will be at least a wash if I am getting a lower royalty with Amazon but I suppose we’ll find out in February when my Select runs out (and won’t be renewed).

Book #2, tentatively entitled “Homecoming” is in the works and I am about 20K words in aka about 1/4 of the way done.  Home has been crazy and my mistress, World of Warcraft recently released a new expansion so yeah…not doing as much typing as I would normally be.  Plus my basement office is cold!  This second book still has a lot of action but delves deeper into Rose’s character so it has been interesting to write.  Hopefully you like it!

Another update, in a effort to pay myself back for some of the costs of Break Away (it cost me about $350 all told with cover art, ISBN, etc), I’m going to try my hand at some freelance article writing for law enforcement magazines.  I have already written one article on recruiting and I am currently editing that as well.  Selling one or two articles would essentially cover the costs of publishing a book so any money I make on sales would be all profit, which would be nice.  We’ll see how it goes, easier planned/said then done!

And the journey continues…


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