Back To The Grind

So now that I have passed that major milestone of publishing my first book, I am now back to chipping away at book 2.  I am so glad I did all my research and ended up doing publishing the way that I did.  I’m so happy the way everything has gone so far and I am happy and surprised by the amount of support I have received!

I have finished the first two chapters of Book 2.  I have named it Homecoming, but in hindsight, I kind of wish I had named both books Break Away and done different subtitles for each of the two to delineate between them.  Oh well, the content is what matters more than the titles right?  Things have been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to write, but now that I don’t really have to keep doing this or that with book 1 and I can just take a step back from it, that should free up some time.

As mentioned before, I have book 2 planned out, the skeleton is all done.  Now I just need to fill in all the details and flesh it out.  This is my favorite part and I’m looking forward to adding in some more crazy stuff that my main character Rose has to deal with.  I’m also trying out some new things I have been wanting to do as far as content so we’ll see what works and what doesn’t.  Onward!


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