Book 2 Started!

So I have done all I can with Book 1, Break Away, and I have a few betas that I am waiting on to finish, but they will hopefully finish soon!  I was planning on publishing by today, but oh well, I don’t want to rush these last few betas…feedback has been good so far though.

Anyway, I am on to Book 2.  I started writing today and I am about half way through chapter 1.  I have the book’s skeleton all planned out and that for me is the hard part.  I nail down all the major (and some minor) plot details in a big outline and now I just have to flesh out all the details in the middle.  This, for me, is the fun part.  Setting up, organizing, editing, and marketing are less fun.  Now I can just write and write and let me imagination pour out into the story along prescribed lines of thought.  If I didn’t have the outline to follow, I would go off in all different directions so it keeps the story on track and me focused on where I want the story to go.  I like writing with a lot of detail so the tangents could derail the pace of the book quickly.

Hopefully over the weekend, my betas will power through some more of Book 1 and I can write some more of book 2.  We’ll see, I’m anxious to get my stuff out there, hopefully it’s worth the wait!

And the journey continues…


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