The End is Nigh!

I think I may be coming to the end!  I have a few last beta readers out there, but once they are done, I will be publishing!  I’m super excited to get it out there and my last betas seem to really like my book which is good right??

In other news, I finished another big edit of my book before giving it to these last betas.  I couldn’t believe how many little tweaks I did here and there…I suppose I could be doing that forever!  After I made all those contraction changes, I needed to go through it again from start to finish to make sure everything sounded good.

Now that book 1 is almost done, I have been pecking away at book 2.  It is the conclusion to the 2-book series book 1 started.  I have the plot all planned out (mostly) in Excel and I’m at 12 chapters currently (book 1 was 15) so we’ll see…chapters are really fluid for me until draft 2 or 3.  It was initially titled “Resurgence” but after more plot-mapping, I decided to change it to “Homecoming.”  I like Homecoming more, but it still could be a placeholder if I find some other word that means essentially the same thing, we’ll see.

And the journey continues…


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