Empty Vacation

So I was away most of last week on vacation and it was nice to get away from writing and my computer/office for a bit.  I was hungry to return though by the end and tore through the rest of my edits from my editor.  So now my book is fully done with all edits from her fully Incorporated!  Yay!  However, now that all the big and small things she found are added in, I now realize I need to do a re-write of a part of one chapter near the beginning of my story and another likely-major re-write to my ending.  As I wrote my novel, I realized that it was part one of a two-part story.  So they epilogue I currently have attached may be moved to the story proper of book two-we’ll see.

On another note, upon returning from vacation, I found that I had only accumulated one rejection letter.  That is good and bad I guess, but it kinda means that there are several more letters out there that have not been responded to…some that I put a ton of personalization into.  That worries me a little bit.  If I get rejections from them, that is going to hurt more than others.  Fingers crossed!

And the journey continues…


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