Today I got my final package of edits from my editor!  I should have all of them in there and the story should be all buttoned up within the next few days!  Once I finish this, I feel comfortable moving on to the next book I have been brainstorming about (and dreaming about) for a while now.  This is my queue that I need to write again, all these ideas I have are getting bottled up in my mind and need to be released!  So these edits coming through are perfect in their timing so I can finish up Break Away and move on to its sequel.

HOWEVER, in adding these edits and delving into my story yet again, I have found that I will need to do some editing of my own.  Without going into all the plot details, my main character Rose goes from a “green” rookie cop to a hardened survivor by the end of the novel.  In re-reading, I have Rose participating in the killing of some agents looking to capture and possibly kill her, however, the ease by which she makes this decision is too early I think as it’s only about a quarter of the way in.  While I don’t think I will change the outcome of the scene as killing the agents is the only way out as I wrote it and I like it that way.  I think making this scene more emotionally draining and making Rose’s decision to go through with what she has to do more difficult, I think this will satisfy the doubts I have.  This will likely require another full re-read/edit of my novel by me though…oh well.  Also, my editor suggested a possible reprieve for a character that dies near the end of my book.  I like how it’s written, but it is something I will need to seriously consider.

All I have to say is, anyone who doesn’t use someone else to edit their book is really missing out.  It’s great to have an outside perspective and I will likely “lend out” the book to friends/family once I feel I am truly finished to get their overall thoughts.  Who knew editing could be so exciting!

And the journey continues…


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