Edits done-ish!

Just got word from my editor that she is done going through my whole novel!  Looks like my ending is a little weak and I have decided to do a re-write of my final chapter and epilogue which will give me a stronger ending and move some stuff from the end of Break Away and move some of it to the beginning of novel #2, the sequel.  Also, when I say editor, I mean one of my friends who was an English-major…So I have been looking into getting a professional editor to look at it.  Hopefully this will help me once I land an agent.

Speaking of which, I think I may also re-write my first couple pages of the novel to “punch it up” as Lit Agents apparently are hooked or not on your project on the first page and it’s not a sum of all the pages you have given them in most cases.  I think my first page is quite good, but it clearly could be better as I have yet to land an agent.  I have sent out just over 50 letters and have gotten no response or a no from around 30ish.  Hopefully these changes will get me an agent, we’ll see…

And the journey continues…


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