Half Way There…

So I sent out my 50th query letter today, not sure if I should be happy about this or not.  So I set a goal of 100 query letters before seriously looking into self publishing, but being halfway there, I am kinda dreading getting closer and closer to that 100 mark.  There are some very intriguing things about being self-published, but the potential reach of print publishing and having a Lit Agency at your back actively pushing your book to publishers is a pretty powerful thing to have.  I am someone who likes to have control over a lot of things in my life and so self-publishing would give me just that, but I think it would be kinda disappointing to only have a small amount of people read my ebook when I worked so hard on it.

I still have a large amount of queries out there that are “pending” or within the general time window the agent gives for review so hopefully one of them or one of the next 50 agents I query will bite.  Someone’s got to right??

And the journey continues…


2 thoughts on “Half Way There…

  1. I’m all about self-publishing. It gives you control, lets you keep the rights to the work you’ve created, and the time to press is amazing! 😉 But, I tossed and turned over the decision. Reading Joe Konrath (http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/) and, later, Hugh Howey (http://hughhowey.com) reminds me that I’ve made the right decision. There’s no right answer for everyone, but I wouldn’t go back on my choice. Good luck!

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