Back to the Grind

The holiday is over and it’s back to work…both my job and the book adventure.  No rejections over the weekend (I think) so that was nice, and I spent a few hours casually editing my query letter.  It’s amazing how something I thought was so good, changed so much.  Honestly, this newer version is so much better then the previous, it’s kind of disheartening…hopefully I don’t come back to this new letter in a few weeks and find it equally in need of editing!

I have found another resource for finding Literary Agents and I have already found another 5 that seem to be a good fit so letters will be sent immediately.  These 5 will bring me to about 40 Agents queried….60 left to go before I hit my goal, but hopefully I find someone willing to take me on before I get to 100…

And the journey continues…


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