Query Quest

Query letters…they never seem to end!  I realize they are a necessary part to getting published, but they are so time consuming.  So statistically, if I were to query 100 appropriate Literary Agents, only 1 would want to move forward with my work and even then, I may just have to get lucky.  Those are terrible odds and I hate gambling.  Out of everything I have done so far with my book: planning it, writing it, editing it, and creating a social media platform for myself and then book, querying is, by far, the most grueling part.

Speaking of which, I got another rejection today which was freakin great!  It was from one of the Lit Agents I queried right at the beginning of my search which makes it that much more painful for some reason.  The first 5 or 10 people I queried, I had poured over their bios and found them to be perfect fits.  As time went on, the more Lit Agents I found, the less personal it seemed.  It’s hard to find that fine line between writing a letter that is appealing to all yet personal enough to grab the reader’s attention.  I read some successful query letters and some are super personal, like I met you, I love this this and this interest of yours, and I loved when you did this and that…how do these people have time to find all of that?  It seemed like a second job to query just over 30 Lit Agents let alone make any of my letters that personal.  Maybe my letters just suck?  Who knows.

As much as I don’t want to self-publish and as much as I tell myself I still have 70 agents left to query (100 is the limit I have set for myself), I have done some research and there are parts of self-publishing that are appealing and parts that are not…Who knows…

And the journey continues…


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