Some time, but not enough

So I find myself today, now that I finished adding in the latest round of edits from my editor, that I don’t have enough time to sit down and start writing novel #2 yet, and have time to promote myself via my website and social media.  However, besides posting a blog post, retweeting some things here and there, and starting at my Google Analytics page, what more is there to do?  

I have made a conscious decision to not tell friends or family about my site or my writing projects until I find a publisher.  I know that once you write and especially once you have finished a novel, you are a writer…but personally I won’t feel like a writer until someone can find and read my book without me giving it to them, whether paper or ebook format.  Just my personal feeling.

So I don’t have enough time to sit and write (I do realize the irony of this statement as I am sitting and writing this blog post, but when I say sit own and write, I mean for hours at a time) and I think I have done all I can with social media (I have a website, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress pages).  So I suppose I should try and find some more Lit Agents to query…

And the journey continues…


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