So I have been through my novel three times myself and it is being edited as well.  So counting the edit and me going through the edits and fixing my novel, that will be five times through it.  I’m not quite sure if that is good or bad or about right, but it seems about right.  Having never been through editing before, I was a little skeptical, but my novel is much stronger then it was when I sent it to my editor.  She’s like 90% done and has yet to find any major issues but a lot of really minor tweaks and stuff that have really improved my story I think.  Glad I did it.

And the journey continues…


One thought on “Editing!

  1. I end up going through mine about five or six times. The first four (counting the first draft) are to reshape and refine the story and characters. The last couple are mainly for proofreading and fixing any odd sentences. So, IMHO, you’re on track! Good luck with your book.

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