Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend doing lots of non-writing things which I think is important. You gotta take a break from time to time or you get burned out. Not that I was, I just finished framing out my second novel, but it will be cool when I have time to look back on it, to see it with fresh eyes. Work has been pretty busy and I don’t think that is going to end anytime soon.

I did get another rejection over the weekend. It was nice the person took some time to write two paragraphs, but they were both unhelpful and didn’t give any real feedback on why they rejected it. Not having enough time seems to be the most common excuse. If you don’t have the time to put toward interesting queries (I think it’s interesting), then why are you open to submissions. Like I said, at least she took the time to write something at some point even if it was a form letter. I got this response from someone recently, and I quote “Thanks, but we will pass.” Ouch. Maybe some day someone will at least give me a little feedback?

And the journey continues…


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