Another Day, Another Rejection

Another Day, Another Rejection

Getting another one of those rejections is never fun, like ruin my entire night not fun. But I suppose getting a letter is better then just deafening silence…who know what they thought or were they too busy to blow me off? Could someone show a little bit of interest please!

On another note though, I framed out my second novel yesterday. All the major plot points and conflicts have been mapped out, what I like to call the skeleton. Now I just need to add all the detail or the flesh and muscle. That is my favorite part…creating all the little and major details to flesh out the established base. I’m not sure how other people do it, but I can’t just sit down and write a narrative without a structure or plan to build off. While not “hard” because I like it all, getting the structure done is the “harder” part for me. Now I can get let me mind go wild and flow out onto the paper…or computer screen. Can’t wait to start that, maybe in the next few weeks so the structure I made has time to marinate and become set in my mind.

And the journey continues…


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