Ah work!

Yes the real job…writing is, unfortunately, not my main or in fact, any source of income at the moment so I still have to work like everyone else. It would be nice to work from home by writing novels all day, that would be most excellent, but alas, it is not the case. It looks like I’m going to be busy all summer so I will only be able to peck away at novel #2 and keep plugging away with #1. Hopefully I have more time to pound away at #2, but we shall see.

I just got word from my editor (wife’s friend who majored in English LOL) that she has just finished the last big section of editing left in novel #1. Not a lot of huge changes from the first big chunk she sent me so I hope this next chunk is the same. She tells me she is still loving the story so that’s good right??

And the journey continues…


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