First (Real) Post

So my first real post after announcing this blog and plugging my website. By the way, getting Google to have a website show up better in their search results is a pain in the ass! Many Google searches later and I think I am on my way to having a site people can find! We’ll see…

Anyway, just to bring everyone up to date, I after finishing my novel, I have now submitted 31 Query Letters. For those unaware, these are letters that boil you and your work down to several paragraphs, no more then a page, and EVERYTHING rides on what is there. Many Literary Agents don’t make it past the letter to the work you submitted along with it, or so I’m told, not that I would know…I guess there is a 99% rejection rate, how is that fair? Oh well, it is what it is I guess. Lit Agents are the “gatekeepers” between us, the writers, and the publishers so I suppose they need to be selective.

I am currently at 5 Rejections, 1 Non-Response, 1 that Auto-Responded saying she was closed until July, and 1 where all their emails/phones didn’t work. So that leaves 24 Pending letters out there. We shall see!

And the journey continues…


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